Belén Castro-Lobera

NDIS Client Support

“I am very thankful to have found MLEA. I can combine my professional experience as a lawyer, with my trials as a parent of a person with disabilities. Everyone works very hard to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes. The team is positive, caring, and honest. It is a privilege to work towards a better world for people with disabilities. We make a difference.”

As part of the NDIS Client Support, Belén translates our clients’ functional needs into NDIS applications, establishing bridges between OTs, clients, suppliers, and experts’ advice. Ensuring that all NDIS requirements are fulfilled to the best of our ability, and our clients’ quality of life has a chance to improve every day.

Belén is a solicitor with more than 25 years’ experience in Europe and Australia, but she is most proud of her struggles as a mother of and advocate for a severely autistic young and delightful man, to whom she owes her involvement with the NDIS.