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Community Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational TherapyFees

MLEA’s Occupational Therapy clinical team provide community-based services across multiple funding bodies. The service fees vary depending on the respective funding body, as detailed below:

If you are not sure if you are eligible, ask your GP or contact our Services Team on 07 3339 5102.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Self-managed and Plan-managed Participants only

MLEA provides occupational therapy assessment services and therapy supports to Participants on the NDIS Scheme. Depending on the service, MLEA fees are aligned with the NDIS Pricing Guide, as follows:

  • Occupational therapist - $193.99 per hour

  • Allied Health Assistant - $86.79 per hour

  • Travel – 0.97c per km

Medicare service fees


Our OT’s are registered to provide services with Medicare Australia. When your GP provides you with a GP Management Plan (GPMP) you are eligible for a rebate under Medicare. After full payment of invoice, you can then claim your rebate from Medicare directly. Please note this is only a partial rebate and can only be claimed on consultations, other fee’s relating to services such as reports and sourcing equipment cannot be rebated.

GPMP – GP Management Plan

  • 5 sessions per calendar year

  • $53.80 rebate per visit

  • $346.20 out of pocket for an initial consult (2 hours)

  • $146.20 for following sessions (1 hour)

Medicare service fees

Private Health Insurance - Rebates

MLEA’s OT services allow you to claim through your private health extras depending on your policy cover. If you have the necessary cover on your private health insurance, we will provide you with he required receipt so you can organise the rebate to your nominated account.
Your specific health fund coverage will have annual limits. To confirm you have the necessary cover, contact your private health insurer directly and if you do, ask them to provide your specific annual limits and individual quoting the following codes:

  • Code 100 — OT Initial Consultation

  • Code 250 – OT 60-minute Therapy Session

Privately funded OT service fees

Privately Funded

If you don’t have access to any third-party funding, MLEA can charge you directly for occupational therapy services.

  • Occupational Therapist - $200.00 per hour (Initial consult 2 hours)

  • Allied Health Assistant - $90.00 per hour

  • Travel – $1.00 per km

Still not sure?

You are more than welcome to contact our clinic on 07 3339 5102 to speak to our administration team about the fee structure specific to your needs and situation.