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NDIS Occupational Therapy Services

The NDIS has brought Australians living with disability increased opportunities. Now, more than ever, individuals can be supported to achieve goals important to them. MLEA offers Ipswich, Brisbane & Gold Coast based Occupational Therapy intervention assisting clients to solve personal obstacles, succeed in their goals and thrive as individuals.

We service clients located in the greater Brisbane, Ipswich, and Gold Coast regions.

How WeAre Different

Industry Leading

Our long-standing medicolegal expertise delivers evidence-based services required to achieve successful, reasonable and necessary outcomes


We are OTs only, ensuring specialised care and knowledge.

Local Expertise Local Impact

With in-depth knowledge of Ipswich, Brisbane and Gold Coast, our tailored solutions elevate your outcomes.

How We KnowWe Are Different

3-Week Report Turnaround

Accelerate your client’s access to vital needs and supports


Right from the beginning, we eliminate unnecessary expenditure, optimising funding utilisation through our thorough intake process


We measure your success and our impact, using recognised therapeutic outcome measures

Our Core Services

Functional Capacity Assessment

Our Functional Capacity Assessments holistically evaluate an individual's physical, cognitive, emotional, and functional abilities. These assessments determine the capacity to perform daily activities, work, recreation, and other tasks. Learn more here.

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Assistive Technology

Our Brisbane Occupational Therapists help NDIS participants access assistive technology tailored to their needs and goals. We understand how the right technology can enhance independence and improve quality of life. Our experts conduct thorough assessments to identify challenges and find suitable solutions. Learn more about our AT services here.
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Remote OT Medicolegal Assessments

Home Modifications

At MLEA, we specialise in customized home modifications to enhance independence, accessibility, self-care, safety, and comfort, all in compliance with Australian Standards. Our experienced occupational therapists use universal design and clinical assessment protocols to meet regulatory requirements. From minor adjustments to complex changes, we offer personalised solutions aligned with NDIS guidelines. Whether you need simple enhancements or comprehensive modifications, MLEA is dedicated to helping you Solve, Succeed, Thrive. Enquire now or call us for a home visit to see how our tailored modifications can transform your space.
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Home Modifications

With a deep understanding of the NDIS guidelines and requirements, our Occupational Therapists offer comprehensive advice on the most suitable modifications for each individual, such as ramps, bathroom adaptations, grab bars, and more. We work in tandem with builders, contractors, and relevant stakeholders to ensure that the modifications align precisely with the participant's needs and preferences. Throughout the process, we provide ongoing support, offering insights on equipment selection, layout design, and functional adjustments. Our goal is to empower NDIS participants to achieve a living space that caters to their specific requirements, fostering greater independence and enriching their daily lives. Read more about our home modification assessments here.
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Occupational Therapy Australia
Ahpra & National Boards

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MLEA offers Occupational Therapy services to approved NDIS participants with plan-managed and self-managed NDIS funds. Our Occupational Therapists possess specialised knowledge to make recommendations specific to your goals. In addition, they can work with you to achieve ongoing goals through capacity building, including skill building to enhance your ability to engage in community, social, self-care, and recreational activities. Capacity building sessions will occur where and when it suits you. Our therapists are adept at working with others in your life to assist in your goal achievement. NDIS plans don’t last indefinitely; when a review is needed, MLEA can support you with an updated Functional Capacity Assessment, identifying new goals or summarising those you have achieved.

Other Services

Our Occupational Therapists can complete many forms and types of NDIS specific assessments, these include but are not limited to:

Capacity Building


In addition to our assessment services, MLEA Occupational Therapists can work closely with you to achieve your ongoing goals, through capacity building. This may include skill building to increase your ability to engage in community, social, selfcare and recreational activities. Capacity building sessions will occur – where it suits you and at a time that suits you. Our therapists are experienced at working with other people in your life, family, or formal supports to educate them in how they can also aid you in your goal achievement.

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Supported Disability Accommodation (SDA)

SDA aims to provide a safe, accessible, and supportive living environment that enhances the quality of life and independence of people with disabilities. These accommodations are purpose-built or modified to include features and technologies that facilitate the daily activities and well-being of residents with disabilities. Our Brisbane based Occupational Therapists can help assess and provide a report to assist with access these services and ensure that individuals with disabilities can live more independently, with the assistance of support workers or technology, while still receiving the necessary care and services.

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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

MLEA aims to empower individuals with disabilities to live as independently as possible while still receiving the necessary assistance and care they require. In a Supported Independent Living setup, individuals with disabilities reside in their own homes or shared accommodations, where they have the freedom to make choices and decisions about their daily lives.

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NDIS Plan Review


NDIS plans do not last indefinitely, when you need a review of your plan MLEA can provide you with information to support your plan review. We can provide an updated Functional Capacity Assessment, which will identify any new goals you might have or a summary of goals you have achieved.

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Letter Of Recommendation Wheelchair Prescription
Scooter Prescription Daily Living Aids
Bed Prescription Mattress Prescription
Hoist Prescription Recliner Prescription
Mobile Shower Commode Cognitive Rehab
Neurorehabilitation Visual Perception Training
Upper Limb Rehab Life Skills Training
Smart Home Systems Bidet Prescription
Ceiling Hoists Ramp Prescription
Stair Climber Prescription Falls Prevention
Support Recommendations Support Worker Training

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How we can Help?

Why choose MLEA?

Why choose MLEA?

Our 30 years of experience enables us to deliver assessments and reports of the highest calibre to exceed NDIS’ standards of “good evidence of disability.” In addition to NDIS, MLEA's OTs also operate within the medicolegal industry. We complete independent assessments for cases going to court or tribunal. This has honed our understanding of what evidence is required to achieve successful, reasonable and necessary outcomes.

Where do we work?

Where do we work?

We service clients located within 40km of our Woolloongabba office, in the wider-Brisbane and Ipswich region.

Our OT Approach

Our OT Approach

Teamwork and clear lines of communication with our clients, their family and and broader healthcare team are fundamental to how we operate here at MLEA.

Whether you are having difficulties at home, at work or in the community, MLEA can provide sound and authoritative advice and recommendations. We assist adults with both physical & psychosocial disabilities.

If you have any further questions about services we offer, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Conditions We Work With

  • Neurological

  • Brain injury

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Amputation

  • Mental health

  • Genetic conditions

  • Intellectual disability

  • Congenital conditions

  • Autism

  • CP and other paralytic syndromes

  • Vision & Hearing loss

  • Arthritis

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