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Occupational Therapy

Clinical ServicesFrom Highly Experienced OTs

If you need an OT dedicated to working closely with you and your carers to improve your life through improved day-to-day independence, we are here to help.

Get in touch and we will arrange to meet with you to discuss your needs and develop an individualised plan to get you on that road with certainty and confidence. You’ll be surprised what we can help you with!

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Access Assessments

Getting assessed by an OT will be your first step to apply for NDIS funding. It will also give you a clear overview of where you are with your abilities, the gaps we need to help you close, and how you’re doing overall, both physically and mentally. We administer all OT assessments necessary to get you the treatment you need.

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MLEA Adult

Accident, injury or changes in capability can be traumatic and overwhelming. Yet, the sooner you make occupational therapy a part of your life, the faster you will be able to get back to a standard of living you are happy with.

First, we will talk about what you need to get started, conduct a thorough functional capacity assessment to isolate your key barriers to independence and optimal quality of life, and then work with the NDIS to approve funding for your needs.

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NDIS Services

We are proud to be an NDIS service provider. Whether your NDIS funds are plan-managed and self-managed, or just aren’t quite sure what you need to do, we will be able to help you explore and attain all the funding you are eligible for. 

Then, we will help you tap into these resources so you have what you need to reach your goals.

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MLEA Paediatrics

Getting your child more comfortable and in control of their body is one of the things we do best. While we cater for children between the ages of 3 and 18, we strongly advocate early childhood intervention because occupational therapy works best for your child the younger they start. Don’t delay and come talk to us about all the options and opportunities available to your child.

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