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OT Assessments

NDIS Access Assessments

Do you need an OT assessment to access the NDIS Scheme?

We know the NDIS Scheme inside and out, and we are here to help.

Our thorough OT assessments add weight to your NDIS Access Request supported by carefully selected standardised assessment results necessary to assist your application. We focus on full substantiation of your current abilities and highlight areas in your life where you may need additional support.

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MLEA’s AssessmentServices

As an experienced NDIS service provider, MLEA offers expert Occupational Therapy assessment and capacity building services to both adults and children (aged 7 to 18 years) with plan-managed or self-managed NDIS funds.

Once we help you access the NDIS, we can help you with Functional Assessments, Complex Home Modifications, Assistive Technology and Capacity Building.

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Do you think you may be eligible for care and support under the NDIS Scheme?

To get started with the NDIS, you will need to first apply by submitting an ACCESS REQUEST.

There are two main sections you will need to complete to submit your application, as follows:

Stage Description
Section 1 – Applicant’s Information You (the applicant) or your Representative will need to provide essential personal information.
Section 2 – Parts A – C Your Treating Professional will assess and document specific information related to your disability or condition.
Section 2 – Part D: Existing Assessments & Part E: Evidence of Functional Capacity Additional information obtained from an Occupational Therapist assessment/report. This evaluates your functional capacity and how your disability impacts daily life.
Providing Evidence Demonstrate how your impairments and conditions impact your everyday life by providing evidence, which may include information from your GP or other medical specialists.

Access Reports are completed by one of our skilled occupational therapists, we charge a flat fee, and you’ll receive a written report outlining how you are currently managing, the occupational therapist will also outline possible goals you would like to achieve if you are accepted onto the NDIS.

Our NDIS OTs are different because of our medicolegal experience. We deliver assessments and reports of the highest calibre to exceed NDIS’ standards of “good evidence of disability” This experience has honed our understanding of what evidence is required to achieve successful, reasonable and necessary outcomes. For details of our credentials, please see Our NDIS OT Team.

* please note MLEA cannot guarantee you will be accepted to the NDIS.

** payment for Access Reports will be required prior to the release of the report.

So, how do we help you?

MLEA is able to provide you with the necessary evidence (report) about how your disability impacts your ability to complete everyday activities in the key areas required in your Access Request:


The ability to move freely and use limbs


The ability to express wants and needs through spoken, written and/or non-verbal method

Social Interaction

The ability to connect with others and behave appropriately within limits


The ability to retain information and develop new skills


The ability to care for basic needs such as hygiene and feeding


The ability to organise and make decisions for yourself

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