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At MLEA, our Experts, are Experts.

To ensure your case receives the value and expertise it deserves, we ensure your client is assessed by the right Expert. When you refer to MLEA, our skilled bookings team ensures your client is matched with the Expert who possesses the skills and experience necessary to assess your client, dependent on their injuries and the circumstances of incident.

We are fortunate to work with a team of Experts whose collective experience amounts to over 80 years’ clinical experience across diverse diagnostic presentations, and across the lifespan. Our team can assess a broad range of injuries and conditions, including musculoskeletal and orthopaedic injuries, neurological injuries or conditions, respiratory diseases, surgical or medical conditions (including complex diseases), psychological injuries, cognitive impairment, paediatric injuries, and catastrophic injuries (e.g. brain injury, amputation, spinal cord injuries).

The role of an occupational therapist is to assess a person’s functional capacity, and compare that to the client’s ability to perform occupational activities, whether that be daily living activities, or work or study pursuits. All of our Experts at MLEA are highly skilled in functional capacity evaluation and task analysis. No matter the scenario presented or questions posed, our Experts can assist you in  addressing the key pillars of your case impacted by a client’s functional capacity.

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Letter of Recommendation for NDIS

Home visits

Wheelchair prescription manual and powered

Scooter prescription

Daily living aids

bed prescription

mattress prescription

hoist prescription

recliner prescription

mobile shower commode prescription


visual perception training

upper limb rehab

life skills training

smart home systems

bidet prescription

ceiling hoists

ramp prescription

stair climber prescription

capacity building

Support recommendations

Support worker training


In -Person Assessments

Desktop Opinion

Supplementary Report

Joint Report

Expert Witness Service

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