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Medicolegal Reports: Information for Lawyers

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Depending on the requirements of your case, an MLEA medicolegal report will typically include a detailed assessment of the claimant’s functional capacity, which is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the claimant’s physical, cognitive, and psychosocial functioning. The report will analyse the impact of the injury or condition on the claimant’s ability to perform daily activities, including self-care, work, and leisure.

Prior to the date of assessment, the MLEA medicolegal expert will review the brief of evidence to gain an understanding of the compensable injuries, including the relevant diagnoses and impairment assessments, and identify any past medical history or other background information which may be relevant to the case.

Once the assessment is complete, the report will usually contain the following components, depending on what is specifically asked of the Expert on the Letter of Instruction:

  • An introduction that outlines the purpose and scope of the assessment
  • A summary of the claimant’s medical history and relevant background information
  • A detailed description of the assessment process, including the tools and methods used
  • An analysis of the claimant’s functional capacity and limitations
  • An assessment of the claimant’s work capacity and ability to engage in gainful employment
  • An assessment of the claimant’s care needs since the date of incident and/or into the future
  • Recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation, as well as any equipment or modifications that may be necessary to facilitate the claimant’s recovery
  • A conclusion that summarises the key findings of the report and offers an expert opinion on the claimant’s capacity for work and daily activities

Medicolegal reports are a critical piece of evidence in personal injury cases. They provide an expert opinion on the claimant’s functional capacity and the impact of their injuries on their ability to engage in daily activities and work.

MLEA occupational therapy medicolegal reports are prepared by qualified and experienced occupational therapists who have a deep understanding of the functional and occupational implications of injury and illness. The occupational therapist’s expert opinion is based on a thorough assessment of the claimant’s functional capacity, which provides a reliable and objective view of the claimant’s limitations and capabilities.

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