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Every NDIS plan has a reassessment date, this is at the end of the current plan period. Plans can run from 12 months to three (3) years. This time is variable depending on the participant’s situation, those in a more stable situation will be offered a longer plan. However, a plan can be reviewed at any time if there is a change in circumstances.

When plan review time is approaching, it is ideal review how funded supports are working assisting participants achieve their goals. If a change in the plan is required there may be the need for a new Functional Capacity Assessment.

In the lead up to plan review it would be a good time to consider the following:

  1. What has worked well in the plan vs. what did not work well;
  2. Is progress being made towards the NDIS goals in the plan;
  3. Do you want to continue with the goals as they are or consider new goals; and
  4. Will you need NDIS support in the future.

Not all plans require a full plan reassessment, if your plan is working and you are satisfied your plan may be rolled over to the next plan period. You may feel a full review is required in a formal meeting, it is important to consider what information you should bring to the meeting. If you have worked with MLEA or any other therapists or supports, it is ideal for you to bring progress reports or a new Functional Capacity Assessment.

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